Saturday, February 1, 2020

Upper Grammar Group

Our Upper Grammar Group consists of 4th - 5th grade (some 6th graders as well)
It's ideally 4th-5th grade but 6th graders who have no latin experience and have yet to do ancient history are ideal for this class as well.

While we would love to have each grade have its own specific class, we simply do not have the space or teachers to do so. The curriculum does rotate between two sets of curriculum every other year thus guaranteeing that your child will not sit through two duplicate years in their 4th and 5th grade. 

(Currently this track is for those in 4th/5th in 2020-2021, those who are entering into 4th grade in the 2021-2022 school year should apply for the younger grammar group which will be doing US History in 2021.) 

This is the first year where the children start "real" grammar. Not that the younger groups have fake grammar but this is the first year where they will begin learning the nuts and bolts of Latin. 

The first track of the Upper Grammar Group (2020-2021) we go through Prima Latina and the second track (2021-2022) we begin working through Latina Christiana. We cover the new material on Seattle Scholé's Monday class and then send home lessons for the remainder of the week.

This is the first year where we officially start the four year cycle of history that is often a main part of classical education. 

The first year of Upper Grammar Group (2020-2021), we work through ancient history (from the beginning to the end of ancient Greece) using The Story of the World book 1. The second year of Upper Grammar Group (2021-2022), we work through the second half of ancient history mainly the Roman empire using the remainder of The Story of the World as well as Famous Men of Rome.

We cover pretty much everything on our Seattle Scholé Monday class (reading of text, comprehension, and light hands on activities.) 

Although it is not mandatory, we do encourage a bit of review work with Quizlet and a test at the end of the week for those who would like to do tests. 

We also provide additional books and video links that would be helpful in reinforcing the weekly lesson.

We also try to cover geography by way of Kathy Troxel songs and we learn how to draw the countries that we learn. The first year, we cover country groups such as those of the Middle East and Northern Africa as those include countries that we are learning about. In the second year, we cover more country groups such as Southern Europe and Asia.

This this also the first year that the children will be introduced to classical composition (progymnasmata). 

This is a method of teaching writing that has been used for centuries until just very recently. In the first year (2020-2021), the children will learn how to write by learning from ancient fables which ties in quite nicely to their ancient history lesson. The following year (2021-2022) they move on to the "narrative stage".

A good deal of the work is done in class but there will be lessons to do on the remaining days of the week. (There are videos that the kids can watch for the more difficult home lessons)