Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is different about Seattle Scholé compared to other homeschool groups?

A: Seattle Scholé is focused around a Christian classical education (with our youngest grades being a combination of classical and Charlotte Mason). We are intentional about our learning and try to practice Lectio Meditatio Compositio (To Read, To Think Deeply, and to Write/Create). We understand that children, like bees, must first gather, digest, and then create for the benefit of others.

Q: What role do the parents have at Seattle Scholé?

A: Ideally, we would love to get to a place where we do not need to make parents volunteer, however, until we have enough teachers and assistants we will need parents to play some role in the Seattle Scholé day.

Parental Role Options:

Teacher: Our teachers commit to teaching for the full year and to thank them for their hard work, we offer a discount on tuition (free tuition for one child).

Full Time Assistant: Our full time assistants commit to assisting in the same group for the full year (usually mainly involves help with hands on activities). To thank our full time assistants, we offer them a discount on tuition (50% off tuition for one child).

Occasional Assistant: Those wishing to not commit to serving every week will be placed in the occasional assistant role. This means serving in one of the classrooms on a rotation with other occasional assistants. How often an occasional assistant will have to serve is dependent on how many parents are in the rotation.

Additional parental duties:
In certain grades/groups, the parents will also need to be willing to make sure their children do their assignments for the remainder of the week.

Q: Where does Seattle Scholé meet?

A: Seattle Scholé meets in the city of Seattle (in Madison). For exact location please contact our director. (brittany@calvarythehill.com)

Q: When does Seattle Scholé meet?

A: Seattle Scholé meets on Mondays during the school year, usually for 34 weeks from September to May, with occasional breaks usually for holidays. Academic calendars are provided when you enroll. Classes begin at 9:30 and end at 12:30.

Q: Are Seattle Scholé teachers trained?

A: Our teachers are fellow homeschool parents who are generally not certified teachers. That said, we want Seattle Scholé to be cohesive and congruent with of educational standards so we have teacher training before the beginning of the school year. This allows teachers to become familiar with the curriculum that they will be teaching as well as learn the routine and values that we impart at Seattle Scholé.

Q: Where do we buy the required books for for our children?

A: We use a few different classical curriculums. We will included the publishers site in your "books to buy" list for those interested in buying brand new from the publishers.

Christian Book is also a great site to buy homeschool curriculum (and they often have sales). You can also often buy school books used (although it's more rare to find used "consumable" workbooks).

For those looking to buy used we recommend:
Homeschool Classifieds (it's like the craigslist of homeschool books)
Thriftbooks (a used book site that carries mainly fiction and non-fiction books but you can also sometimes find homeschool curriculum)

Q: How will I know what assignments my child needs to do during the remainder of the week?

A: We want to make things as easy as possible for you so when you enroll in Seattle Scholé, you will receive access to the Google Drive file for your child's group. This file will include lesson plans for every week that we have Seattle Scholé as well as a syllabus so that you know which week we are on and when Seattle Scholé takes breaks.

The Google Drive file may also contain bonus information such as extra reading suggestions in case you want to incorporate more books.

You can also always contact the Seattle Scholé director or your child's teacher with any questions you may have.

Q: Is lunch provided on a Seattle Scholé day?

A: While we do eat lunch together, we do not provide meals. We request that parents pack a lunch for their student. Please do not bring soda or juice to Seattle Scholé day, milks or water are allowed.

Q: How do we register to join Seattle Scholé?

A: To begin the registration process, you can fill out our application form.

Registration closes August 1st.

Q: What is the cost to participate in Seattle Scholé?

A: Tuition is $250 per student for the school year.