Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A Peek Inside a Seattle Scholé Day

Want to know what a typical Seattle Scholé day looks like?

Opening Routine

This is the beginning of our Seattle Scholé day. We begin with all the classes together for a short time to start the day with prayer, a hymn (we do one hymn per month), and learning to memorize select Bible verses. This allows us to begin our day with the proper mindset and heart.

Separate into Groups

Following the opening routine, we hand off each group to their teacher who leads them to their designated rooms for schoolwork.


Once in their own classroom, each group will work through their brief recitations. These questions and answers range from grammar rules, science facts, history facts, math concepts and more. We encourage families to work on these recitation questions at home during the remainder of the week but we do not require them to do so. (Note: older kids do not have recitation)


Each class works through their own set of subjects and lessons. In the Primary and Lower Grammar groups, this often actually looks like different subjects incorporated into one set. In the Upper Grammar group, this would involved working through history, latin, and composition.


After our lessons are finished, we all gather back together for lunch.

Closing Routine

To end our Seattle Scholé day, we finish by having one child from each class share something they learned that day and then we all join together in a closing prayer.