Seattle Scholé

Welcome to Seattle Scholé!
A virtual Classical Homeschool Collective

Seattle Scholé is a virtual homeschool group focused on coming alongside homeschooling parents to allow them to give the benefits of Christian classical education without having to rely on costly private schools or competitive and time consuming co-ops.

Who We Are:

Seattle Scholé is focused around a Christian classical education. 

We are intentional about our learning and try to practice Lectio Meditatio Compositio (To Read, To Think Deeply, and to Write/Create). We understand that children, like bees, must first gather, digest, and then create for the benefit of others.

We are a virtual homeschool group. We decided to switch to a virtual format so that we could serve families in the greater Seattle area without them having to fight the Seattle traffic.

A perk of being a virtual group is that our parents are not required to volunteer or teach. Each class meets at a different time and thus we do not need multiple teachers or volunteers.

We are collectively bringing our homeschool families together so that we can learn together, support each other, and fellowship with each other.

Ummm what is Scholé?

Scholé: (pronounced skoh-LAY) comes from the Greek word for leisure (it’s also where we get the English word for school). But before you think this means leisurely educating... it does not. 

This is leisure in the sense that we can education our children restfully knowing the direction we are steering them towards as oppose to anxiously educating them to pass tests. 

It also involves learning through meditating and pondering. Seattle Scholé is a great place to get your kids pondering and meditating on what they are learning.

We offer parents two ways to incorporate Seattle Scholé into their homeschooling

1) Simply incorporate the Seattle Scholé subjects into your current favorite homeschooling curriculum.

2) Make use of Seattle Scholé as a full curriculum. The Seattle Scholé can provide your family with the lesson plans for the school year (Monday - Friday) and let you know which curriculum/books you would need to buy. 

- This method is offered because we know that many parents feel overwhelmed with choosing and planning curriculum for their children and we realized that we can easily offer this to ease their anxieties.

What a Seattle Scholé day looks like:

Currently, we meet virtually so that our West Seattle (and further) families do not have to deal with the travel issues that Seattle currently is dealing with.

As of fall 2021 we will have these classes:

The Lower Grammar Group (3rd-4th Grade) is separated into three different subjects: Latin, US History, and Intro to Composition/Writing. You can read more about this group here: Lower Grammar Groups.

The Upper Grammar Group (5th-6th Grade) is separated into three different subjects: Latin, Ancient History, and Composition/Writing. You can read more about this group here: Upper Grammar Groups.