Monday, August 10, 2020

COVID Update

 We are saddened that due to COVID, we will not be meeting in person for fall 2020.

In order to adhere to the safety protocols (and not subjugate everyone to wearing masks in class, we have decided to cancel some classes and switch some to Zoom.

4th-6th Grade - will have Composition & Latin on Mondays with a short meeting on Thursdays for History Discussion (Geography will be offered via video)

2nd-3rd Grade - will have Latin on Mondays. Enrichment has been canceled as it does not translate well on Zoom.

Kindergarten-1st Grade - is unfortunately canceled this year as it does not translate well on Zoom.

Again, we are sorry that these changes need to be made this school year. We look forward to fall 2021 when we can all meet in person again.